Edina Boys' Basketball Summer League: Gr 6-7

Directed by Joe Burger, Edina Boys' Basketball Head Coach, the main purpose of the league is to give youth players the opportunity to play basketball during the summer. Different than the Edina Basketball Skills Camp, Summer League provides a setting which is competitive and structured - only full court, 5-on-5 games wil be played during the 2-hour sessions. Teams are put together by the coaching staff and a tournament is put together the final three days as players compete for prizes.

*We strongly encourage players to attend the Edina Boys Basketball Skill Camp prior to their league session.

  • Players may not leave the gym area without permission from the director or a referee.
  • Players do not need to bring a basketball.
  • Teams of around 10-12 players will be created.
  • Directors will try, but cannot guarantee players will be placed with preferred teammates.
  • Players will be expected to play hard, play unselfishly, and support their teammates.
  • Each day a schedule will be created and posted with team names etc – some teams get together and wear the same color t-shirt or pinneys will be provided
  • Games will be 20-25 minutes running time. Teams could play 3-4 – 25 min games per day.
  • Substitutions will occur every 5 minutes of playing time. If there are 10 or more players on a team no player will be allowed to play two 5-minute segments in a row. If less than 10 players are available then no player will be allowed to play three – 5 minute segments in a row.
  • There are neither practices nor are there any coaches. The referees of each game will assist the players and monitor the game play and player substitutions.
  • No free throws will be shot. 1 point will be given on all non-shooting fouls – while retaining possession of the ball. 2 points or 3 points will be given on shooting fouls – while giving up possession of the ball.
  • The officials are not licensed but will do everything within their power to create safe and fair play.
  • No Zone defense is allowed. Teams with a 20-point lead will not be allowed to full-court press.

Joe Burger

Coach Burger just completed his fifth season as Boys' Varsity Head Coach for Edina High School. He has directed youth clinics throughout the winter in conjunction with the Edina Basketball Association and looks forward to working and developing the future of Edina High School Basketball.

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  Joe Burger

Edina High School : Multiple Rooms
Mon-Thu, Jun 10 - Jun 27
12:30 - 2:00 PM


Grades   6th - 7th

Price: $ 90 00

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