Spanish Beginner-Build your Child's Language Foundation: Concord

This lively introduction to the Spanish language uses a dynamic, hands-on method of instruction called the Building Block Method of Learning® to teach basic Spanish components using songs, games, and cultural activities. Meeting twice a week, students will be able to accelerate their basic Spanish skills more quickly. Your child will learn how to ask and answer basic questions in Spanish, speak about his or her family, count to 100, state the date, and correctly pronounce all Spanish letters. Students will be able to say the months of the year, discuss monthly weather patterns and relate them to a particular season. With conversation as the focus, students will also learn colors, animals, body parts, things found in a classroom, and clothing. Students will begin to make complete sentences in Spanish. Learning Spanish will be fun and rewarding!

For students with little or no previous Spanish experience.

Futura Language Professionals

For the past seveteen years Futura Language Professionals has partnered with schools like yours to offer an affordable, convenient and comprehensive Ten-Level Spanish program. Each year your child will graduate and move into a new level of Spanish. Our unique Building Block Method of Learning® is a dynamic, conversation-based methodology that strives to mimic first language acquisition with speaking introduced first, followed by grammar instruction after Level III. Students will start understanding instructions from the teacher from the very first class! After graduating from our 10-level program, students can read and write in Spanish, understand complex grammatical concepts as well as form complex sentence structures. Children who finish this program have a strong advantage entering middle school or high school Spanish classes. FAQ

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  Futura Language Professionals

Concord Elementary School : CC Rm 214 and CC Rm 215 2nd Gr. Flex/Extending Learning
Tue/Thu, Oct 1 - Apr 28
2:30 - 3:30 PM

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