Spanish Intermediate-Taking it to the Next Level: Concord

Students really take Spanish to the next level in this exciting course which allows students to build on previous knowledge in order to make more complex sentence structures. Meeting twice a week, students will take a more academic approach to the lessons and will begin learning the foundations for written and grammatical Spanish. Topics will include sports, transportation, things found around the house, the outdoors, adjectives, and places found in a town, etc. By the end of the course students will be able to translate the verb IR and appropriately use Me gusta in various sentences. Additionally, students will learn subject pronouns and adjectives to describe people. A fun instructional method along with fascinating cultural topics ensure that students will also love this class!

For students with one year of previous Spanish experience

Futura Language Professionals

For the past seveteen years Futura Language Professionals has partnered with schools like yours to offer an affordable, convenient and comprehensive Ten-Level Spanish program. Each year your child will graduate and move into a new level of Spanish. Our unique Building Block Method of Learning® is a dynamic, conversation-based methodology that strives to mimic first language acquisition with speaking introduced first, followed by grammar instruction after Level III. Students will start understanding instructions from the teacher from the very first class! After graduating from our 10-level program, students can read and write in Spanish, understand complex grammatical concepts as well as form complex sentence structures. Children who finish this program have a strong advantage entering middle school or high school Spanish classes. FAQ

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  Futura Language Professionals

Concord Elementary School : CC Rm 218 and CC Rm 114
Tue/Thu, Oct 1 - Apr 28
2:30 - 3:30 PM

  No Class Oct 10, Oct 17, Nov 5, Nov 28, Dec 24, Dec 26, Dec 31, Jan 2, Jan 7, Jan 9, Jan 14, Jan 16, Jan 21, Jan 23, Jan 28, Jan 30, Feb 4, Feb 6, Feb 18, Mar 24 & Mar 26


Grades   K - 5th

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