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Online: Discover Magic Orange Wand: Gr. 3-6

Youth / Expand Your World & Enrichment -
Youth Winter/Spring 2021

Get ready to take an adventure into the world of magic. Learn how to make a cup float in mid-air, make borrowed object vanish, appear, and transform, we'll find hidden treasure, and even read people's mind, just to name a few.

In this course students will not only learn presentation skills and how to effectively communicate what they want to others, but more importantly they will discover the real secrets to becoming a true magician as each lesson reveals an important skill for life.

Each lesson comes with a custom magic prop, a magic top secret file folder, and a secret word to unlock bonus videos in the online video vault. Students will be having so much fun that they won't even realize that they are building self-confidence and developing critical communication skills that will impact their future.

Twin Cities Magic Academy

Twin Cities Magic Academy has been supporting schools across Minnesota since 2015, helping children ages 8-12 build confidence and develop communication skills. This past year has been exceptionally difficult, but we have adapted to ensure we can continue to deliver our internationally recognized program to as many children as possible. I am happy to report that even under the unprecedented and difficult circumstances of 2020 we have delivered our Discover Magic courses to the same number of children as in 2019 through a combination of socially distant in-person classes and online classes. 

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  Twin Cities Magic Academy

Your Home : Online
Tuesdays, Jan 26 - Mar 23
4:30 - 5:45 PM


Grades   3rd - 6th

Price: $ 199 00

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