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In Person: Spanish Language Afterschool: Concord Grade K-5

Youth / Expand Your World & Enrichment -
Youth Fall 2021

Since 2001 Futura Language Professionals has partnered with schools like yours to offer an affordable, convenient, and comprehensive Level Based Spanish program. Each year your child will graduate and move into a new level of Spanish. Our unique Building Block Method of Learning® is a dynamic, conversation-based methodology that strives to mimic first language acquisition with speaking introduced first, followed by grammar instruction. Students will start understanding instructions from the teacher from the very first class! After completing multiple years in our level program, students can read and write in Spanish, understand complex grammatical concepts as well as form complex sentence structures. Children who finish this program have a strong advantage entering middle school or high school Spanish classes.


  Futura Language Professionals

Concord Elementary School : CC - Youth TBD
Tue/Thu, Oct 26 - May 5
2:25 - 3:25 PM

  No Class Nov 2, Nov 25, Dec 7, Dec 23, Dec 28, Dec 30, Jan 4, Jan 6, Jan 11, Jan 13, Jan 18, Jan 20, Feb 10, Feb 22, Mar 22 & Mar 24


Full - waiting list

Price: $ 450 00