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Chess Club: Gr 1-5: Creek Valley

Youth / Expand Your World & Enrichment -
Youth Winter/Spring 2024

Whether you consider yourself a beginner or intermediate player, join this club to meet and interact with other chess players in your school and play on a weekly basis. Players will learn the basic rules and strategies of chess if they are new to the game. Tournament play is encouraged beyond the club, but not required. The Winter/Spring Session will include an In-Club Tournament.

    Players are able to complete a full game (checkmate) or recognize a stalemate

    Players can set and use a chess clock during a game

    Players are able to resolve a disagreement with & w/o adults present

    Players can explain the rules of chess (movement of the pieces, checkmate, & stalemate)
111-K6082 Closed

  Bill Nara

Creek Valley Elementary School : CV Classroom - 213 ELL Room
Thursdays, Jan 11 - May 9
2:25 - 3:20 PM

  No Class Mar 21


Grades   1st - 5th

Price: $ 238 00

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