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Intermediate Diving Wednesdays

Youth / Sports, Health & Fitness -
Youth Winter/Spring 2024

***Prerequisites: Must be proficient in: front approach with hurdle, front dive, back dive, inward dive, front somersault. Age is less important than proficiency in the noted skills..***

If you already have some springboard diving experience, you can continue to build on the skills you've learned in earlier classes. Intermediate divers will be encouraged to try reverse dives, somersaults in all directions, twisting dives, etc. Often divers will take this class more than one time to achieve proficiency in the skills expected in Competitive Diving. When the diver is ready to move to Competitive, coaches will move them up even during the middle of a session.

110-B2270 Closed

  John Dailey

South View Middle School : Multiple Rooms
Wednesdays, Jan 10 - Mar 13
6:45 - 7:30 PM


Price: $ 175 00

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