Preschool for Threes: 3 days per week with Weekly Parenting

With imagination in full gear, three year old’s love to ask questions and share their thoughts about everything. Classrooms encourage curiosity and exploratory play for this independent stage of development.
This is also a time when kids begin to develop and understand friendships. Expanding on this social and emotional maturation allows for students to make their first real friendships while discovering an excitement for their own intellectual curiosity.

Your child must be age 3 years old by 9/1/19.

Weekly Parenting Day is Wednesday and on this day, class meets 9:15-11:15am. 

A $50.00 non refundable registration fee will be included with your initial registration.


Locations, Dates, and Times TBD

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Due Now $300.00
Sep 1, 2019 $250.00
Oct 1, 2019 $250.00
Nov 1, 2019 $250.00
Dec 1, 2019 $250.00
Jan 1, 2020 $250.00
Feb 1, 2020 $250.00
Mar 1, 2020 $250.00
Apr 1, 2020 $250.00
Total $2,300.00