Parenting Adolescent Girls

Adolescent girls manage daily demands and expectations from family, school, community, media and their own dynamic selves. Day by day, girls naturally experience a myriad of highs and lows, successes and setbacks. This learning can be uncomfortable, painful, and on occasions, dangerous. Parents and caregivers of adolescent girls will talk about: 

  • Some specific common and typical bumps and pitfalls for girls, and ideas for how to anticipate and manage them.
  • The challenges of effectively supporting girls as they become skilled in their world.
  • The art of balancing supportive care while encouraging autonomy and self-efficacy.
  • When to step in with a comment, help, or all out rescue, and when to resist that urge.
  • Typical adolescent development, including tools for discerning what is "normal" (if challenging) vs. a red flag.

This course will run 1.5 hours once per month on Thursdays. This is a parent-only class, sibling care is available.


  Sibling Care Offered

Edina Community Center : ECC Rm 317 - Multipurpose Room and ECC Rm 329
Thu Sep 12, Thu Oct 10, Thu Nov 14, Thu Dec 12, Thu Feb 13, Thu Mar 12, Thu Apr 9 & Thu May 14
9:30 - 11:00 AM