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ECFE 3s Preschool

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) -
School Year 23-24

This class is similar to a traditional 3’s Preschool class but with an added bonus! Mom or Dad or any caretaker gets to come to school with the child on Fridays! The first hour of class will be in the room with the students, then adults will transition to another space for adult learning. Discussions will be focused on current topics in parenting such as sleep habits, brain development, nutrition, or other topics of interest to the group. Adults will rejoin the class for the last 30 minutes to participate in the closing meeting and to celebrate the days learning. One-time $50 registration fee.


  Sibling Care Offered

Edina Community Center : ECC ELC Classroom - 105
Mon/Wed/Fri, Sep 6 - May 31
8:30 - 11:30 AM

  No Class Sep 25, Oct 20, Nov 22, Nov 24, Dec 25, Dec 27, Dec 29, Jan 1, Jan 3, Jan 5, Jan 15, Jan 19, Feb 19, Mar 8, Mar 18, Mar 20, Mar 22, Apr 19 & May 27


Ages   3 yr. - 3 yr. 11 m

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