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  • Baby & Me Sampler Class

    Baby & Me Sampler Class: Parents with young babies, this free introduction to Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) is for you! We know about the importance of getting off to a strong start with your baby and our line-up of workshops and classes offers a great way to strengthen the bond with your child. Meet other new parents and learn about the infant growth and change. This class is for newborn to 9 month old babies and their significant care giver. Free but registration required.
  • Beyond ECFE

    Beyond ECFE: Come to class and learn new parenting skills as your child grows from Elementary through High School years. Beyond ECFE Classes are taught by licensed Parent Educators, meeting once per month. Group discussion allows parents to share their challenges, experience and wisdom. Come and visit with other parents about communication skills and styles, social networking, beginning Kindergarten, chores, allowance, puberty, friendships and much more based on the interest of those in the class! Classes offered are: Parenting Your Kindergartner (PE-K), Parenting Your 1st & 2nd Grader (PE-1-2), Parenting Your 3rd through 5th Grader (PE-3-5), Parenting Your 6th through 8th Grader (PE-6-8), Parenting Teens (PE-HS).
  • Book Study: How To Talk So Little Kids Will Listen

    Join our eight week book study class for parents, caregivers and adults. This user-friendly guide will empower parents and caregivers of young children to forge rewarding, joyful relationships and it will help little kids grow into self-reliant big kids who are cooperative and connected to their parents, teachers, siblings, and peers. Organized according to common challenges and conflicts, this book is an essential emergency first-aid manual of communication strategies, including a chapter that addresses the special needs of children with sensory processing and autism spectrum disorders. The book is not included in the the tuition. Sibling care is available.
  • Book Study: Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions Into Adulthood

    All girls are worthy of friendship, love, support, kindness, safety, well-being, and adults who will reinforce the best in them. This course is for parents and caregivers of girls in grades 6-12 who wish to support girl's healthy transition toward adulthood. Parents/ caregivers will support one another and learn ideas for parenting girls supportively as they traverse each of the seven areas of typical development (Damour, 2016) from girlhood to young adulthood. Parting with Childhood Joining a New Tribe Harnessing Emotions Contending with Adult Authority Planning for the Future Entering the Romantic World Caring for Herself Participants are responsible for getting their own book for this class. This class will meet 90 minutes for a total of 9 weekly classes. This is a parent only class.
  • Book Study: No-Drama Discipline

    Join our eight week book study for parents and adult caregivers of children ages 0-18. Highlighting the fascinating link between a child's neurological development and the way a parent reacts to misbehavior, No-Drama Discipline; The Whole Brain Way to Calm the Chaos and Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind provides an effective, compassionate road map for dealing with tantrums, tensions and tears -- without causing a scene. Co-authored by Dan Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson authors of Whole Brain Child.The ELC does not provide the book for the class. This class is taught by Sarah Hardy. Sarah holds a B.A. from Stanford University and a M.Ed. in Parent and Family Education from the University of Minnesota. She has been with the Edina Family Center since 2016.
  • Book Study: Whole Brain Child

    Join our eight week book study class for parents and adult caregivers of children ages 0-18. The Whole Brain Child; 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind, Survive Everyday Parenting Struggles, and Help Your Family Thrive; in this pioneering, practical book, Daniel J. Siegel, neuropsychiatrist and parenting expert Tina Payne Bryson demystify the meltdowns and aggravation, explaining the new science of how a child's brain is wired and how it matures. The book is not provided by the ELC.
  • Exploring the World Through STEM

    Is your child a natural investigator? Is he or she curious about the world around them, how things work, and what might happen next? Then this class is for them! Learning to think critically, problem solving, engaging in scientific thinking, gaining knowledge, and making connections are the goals of this exciting new enrichment opportunity. Your child must be 4 years old by September 1, 2019.
  • Girls and Friendships in Elementary School

    All girls are worthy of friendship, love, support, kindness, safety, well-being, and adults who see and reinforce the best in them. This course is for parents and caregivers of girls in grades K-5 who wish to support girls' healthy friendship skills. Whether your girl is lonely, aggressive, or a bystander (or at times all three!), this class can provide some helpful insights. Parents/caregivers will support one another and learn more about: Typical elementary-age social and emotional development Cliques, social pressure, "relational aggression" and bullying Specific tactics for coaching a girl through friendship challenges This course will run 1.5 hours once weekly for eight weeks. This is a parent-only class, sibling care is available.
  • Host Your Own Parenting Session

    Gather a group of your friends, co-workers, or neighbors and host a Parent Education Session(s) at the location of your choice. A licensed Parent Educator from the Early Learning Center will come to you. You determine the date, time, place and topic. Please register online and a parent educator will contact you for the details. Please allow a two weeks for prep-time and planning.
  • Individual Parent Education S/Y 19/20

    Individual Parent Education is available If you would like to discuss individually with a licensed parent educator issues around: Child/adolescent development Discipline Communication skills Nurturing self-esteem Tantrums Eating, sleeping or toilet training Sibling issues Curfews Parent/child relationships School readiness Any other parenting concerns Each session is 50 minutes and $50 per session. Once you register you will be contacted to set up the date and time. There is a $5 registration fee.
  • Parent and Baby/Toddler Gym

    Parent & Toddler Play Time: Stop in and join other children and their care givers in an atmosphere created just for babies or toddlers. The Early Learning Center provides the environment and age appropriate equipment, while you provide the nut-free snacks and supervision. Babies: Birth to 17 months, Tuesdays from 11 am to 12:30 pm room 150. Toddlers: 1 - 3 years, Thursdays from 11 am - 12:30 pm or Toddlers: 18 months to 3 years, Fridays from 9:30 - 11:00 am Room 152. $4.00/child, $5.00/family. Fall pass available for $30.00. Spring pass available for $30 or $35.00. Sibling care is not offered for this class.
  • Parenting Boys

    What can we do to raise healthy boys? How is parenting boys different from parenting girls? As societal views of gender are changing, how can you teach your son about appropriate behavior and expectations? This class will explore questions like these so that you can formulate a plan for helping your son grow into a man you will like and admire. This class is for parents of boys of all ages. The facilitator will be Deb Roberts. Licensed Parent Educator and parent of four young adult sons.
  • Parenting for Special Needs

    Parents of children with special needs gather together for information and support. For parents/caregivers of children 0 - 5 years old. This is an adult only class. Sibling care is not provided.