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Ballet Choreography/Performance- Adult/Teen

Adult / Fitness/Aquatics -
Adult Winter/Spring 2024

***Prerequisites: Separate registration, payment, and participation in Beginning/Intermediate Ballet (129-B2027) immediately before this class for warm up purposes.***  

Learn ballet choreography created just for you! The beauty of ballet is most often seen through choreography and performance. This class allows you to be part of that beauty and fun!
You will:
• Learn a newly choreographed group piece, specifically choreographed for those who have signed up for the class (meaning it will be based on steps you know, for the most part).
• Rehearse the piece and work to make it better once it is learned.
• Perform for your friends or family at the end of the class. The performance will be in the classroom only and will be optional. Those who chose not to perform will be given “understudy roles."
It is recommended that you have at least a year of dance class experience (current or past) before signing up for this class. Those who miss the ballet class that day my come to rehearsal and take notes but not dance as dancing cold is unsafe in ballet. Those who are sick or out of town may sign in online via Zoom to watch rehearsal and take notes if they choose and if they give the instructor sufficient notice.

Kaethe Birkner

Kaethe is a professional ballet dancer and is certified in Pilates through Balanced Body. She has been teaching ballet, Pilates and stretching group classes for ten years has been doing personal training for eight years. Kaethe’s love of ballet came first, when she was only two years old, and her love of Pilates followed when she was still a ballet student. Now, she uses both her ballet and Pilates knowledge in all her teaching. Having personally suffered a number of injuries and spent many hours in physical therapy over the years, Kaethe also incorporates her knowledge of physical therapy into her teaching style. Her specialties included a focus on proper technique, injury prevention, and alignment. Every class is built around the people in her class that day and their individual and group needs. She believes that individual corrections are key to making sure each student gets the most out of every workout and every exercise. In addition, when ok with the student, she uses hands-on corrections to help them learn how to engage not only the big muscles of their bodies but also the little, harder to activate muscles. Kaethe’s teaching goals are to provide her students with a fun class and full-body workouts that focus on proper technique, alignment, and injury prevention.


  Kaethe Birkner

Edina Community Center : ECC - 318 - Dance Studio
Mondays, Jan 29 - May 13
8:30 - 9:30 PM

Edina Community Center : ECC - 301 - Dance Studio
Mon May 6 & Mon May 20
7:30 - 8:30 PM

  No Class Feb 19


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