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Parenting Boys

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) / ECFE Parent Education -
School Year 2024-2025

What can we do to raise healthy boys? How is parenting boys different from parenting girls? As societal views of gender are changing, how can you teach your son about masculinity, identity, appropriate behavior and expectations? This class will explore questions like these so that you can formulate a plan for helping your son grow into an adult you will like and admire.

Potential discussion topics include teaching kindness & empathy, building resilience, positive discipline, anger and conflict, bullying, chores/responsibility, self-regulation/emotion management, social norms & expectations, friendships, time management, how the pandemic has impacted boys, changing bodies and navigating the bridge between little boys and big boys.

The format of the class might include podcasts, reading and discussing articles on current topics related to parenting boys, and small group discussions based on the age of the boys of participants. Topics and format are flexible and will reflect the interest of the group.


  Sibling Care Offered

Edina Community Center : ECC ELC Classroom - 116
Mon Sep 9, Mon Oct 14, Mon Nov 11, Mon Dec 9, Mon Jan 13, Mon Feb 10, Mon Mar 10, Mon Apr 14 & Mon May 12
12:00 - 1:30 PM