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  • Bonjour French Camp: Gr. K

    Bonjour camp for the lower grades are taught by Madame Abdo (Kindergarten) and Madame Thomas (1st grade) and is an introduction to the first week of school in French. Incoming kindergarten students will be introduced in French to the 6 colors, numbers 0-10, how to say hello , goodbye, and a few songs in French. Along with that they will learn how to be a student at Normandale French immersion . How to sit in a circle, classroom rules , how to ask to go to the bathroom , open lockers , and stand in line. It is a great introduction and makes your child less anxious and stressful to start school. Incoming first grade students will engage in a variety of community building activities in French including: art projects, oral language games, sing alongs, and light literacy and math games. They will have a chance to reconnect with their friends from kindergarten and make new friends in a fun and engaging space.