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  • todd clippinger (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Open Woodshop: Morning

    Join a lively community of men and women committed to the craft of woodworking, and always available to lend advice and support. Our wood shop is equipped with major power equipment and hand tools as well as a paint room—all the tools you might need to complete your own projects. **PLEASE NOTE: We are continually updating woodshop equipment and we are committed to safety. At the beginning of each new session of Open Woodshop and Women’s Woodworking, all participants are required to participate in a safety review process and sign the acknowledgment within the Woodshop Handbook** Note - All participants must: have some experience in operating the equipment (including completion of our Woodshop Orientation or Reorientation), be able to work independently, and be willing to volunteer as Woodshop Monitor several times during the session Helpful suggestions: Bring a pencil. Ear and eye protection provided, but you can bring your own. You might find an apron useful. Avoid loose clothing. The Community Woodshop exists for learning and community-building. Commercial production for sale or profit is not consistent with our goals and mission and is not allowed.